Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mission to Mansfield

I'm back home now after a 350 mile round trip to Sunny Mansfield in Nottinghamshire in pursuit of athletic glory in the final Midland league track meeting of the summer. So how much glory did we achieve? Well, there were some fine performances by the Wednesday night lads, most notably (and no getting a big head) Rob W with some impressive long and triple jumping - setting new PB's in both and winning the triple in the process. Nick 'Ever Reliable' Todd made it the usual 1st in the 800m in a decent time of 2:02 in windy conditions that were not conducive to fast times - that's my excuse anyway. Another of the Wednesday crew, Jamie L, ran but I'm not sure how he went, think he scored good points though. Special mention to team manager Rick, who doubled up in the 1500m and 3000m. He produced a Marvin Gaye style sprint finish in the latter to over take the chap in front - I mean Tyson Gay, no, on second thoughts, maybe we'll stick with Marvin.

I had a decent enough run in the 400 hurdles. I was a little disappointed to run just outside of my PB - but I'll blame that on the windy conditions in the home straight. I fared better in the 3k Steeple Chase, managing to scrape home 5s inside my previous best. I felt a bit jaded today - not sure I'm the best after driving long distance but what the heck. I finished off the day with a decent run in the 3k flat, finishing about 7s outside my PB and claiming 2nd in the B-string but to be honest, I was just glad to finish.

The, now legendary, battle of the javelin between Rick and I almost didn't happen after a schedule malfunction of Janet Jackson esq proportion forced us to miss round one - I wish we'd missed all three after loosing my crown to Rick by just 2cm - I have to wait a full year for revenge....

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