Thursday, August 09, 2007

84.7% better......

...... as accurately determined using the Abel-Turunmore measure of achilles flexibility and strength. Also sometimes referred to as the 'it doesn't hurt as much now when I run' scale of achilles agility.

The achilles was even better this morning and at the moment I'm almost to the point of not being aware of the problem at all. I certainly stressed it enough yesterday to aggravate it if it was going to be in the mood to be aggravated. I've done a little jog today without any problems what so ever but I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day and tomorrow so that I can get in a good run on Saturday. That will be the test but I know I've turned the corner. I have to admit that even my powers of PMA were tested this week - that's positive mental attitude (in case you were wondering). I was a smidgen concerned on Monday and Tuesday. It really isn't long until Berlin and I can't afford any problems at this stage. I feared the worst but in the end it didn't kill me so I'll come through stronger.

Thought for the day: Marriage is the main cause of divorce.

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