Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You beauty

That super spicy meat feast pizza before training did the trick. I was on fire tonight! Well maybe not on fire but certainly pretty damn fine - for me anyway.

I let the boys get on with it tonight. They were on the three 900's, three 500's and three 300's session but I decided that was too much and ran eight 400's and a single 300 to finish. It was meant to be nine 400's but I was that close (really need to see my fingers doing a pinch with 1mm air gap) to giving up on the 9th rep and turned it into a 300 instead of stopping. Had a bit of fun on the first rep - I gave the boys a shock as I hit the front with 100m of my lap to go (they still had 600m to go). They didn't know what hit them as the Davemyster came storming past. Once in front I was kind and let them know I was only doing a 400 so they wouldn't chase too hard - I'm not a totally evil bastard.

Unbelievably it was pretty much the fastest set of eight I've ever strung together! I've run 6 reps in 72s and tonight I again managed the first six at consistent 72s, the last two slipped a bit to 73/74s but I was really pushing hard to maintain the pace by then and the recovery on those last two was only 60s which was a bit short for me. In light of how tired my legs were - for they still didn't feel anywhere near fresh before the start - I'm really pleased. With fresh legs I recon I'm probably in the 70s zone for the session which is a definite improvement in speed from a few months ago.

I'm aiming to run tomorrow's session, need to find out where it is though. Then a long run on Friday, when I say long, maybe 10 miles, before a rest day on Saturday. Then I should be fresh for The May Hill Massacre 8M on Sunday. I don't recon it will be that tough but I'm hoping it's hilly enough that I can use my strength on the hills to get another high finishing position. Just have to wait and see how it goes I guess.....

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