Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tired ... what more can I say

It caught up with my today and bit me on the arse - but it was still worth it. I ran at the limit and didn't have anything to spare. Normally I can pull a bit out on the last rep but not tonight. I ran six 700's with 2 minute recoveries. My first four reps where all smack on 2:20 (a bit on the slow side I'll grant you but that damn wind was ever present on the top bend and home straight which would have added a second or two - never good when you have to start making excuses for a shoddy performance but there it is). The final two where both 2:23's and that final one was a real battle to hit even that. I didn't see much of the lads tonight - because I didn't bring my binoculars, they were that far ahead! So although the session was slower than I should be capable of it was, never the less, a good one. My legs were jelly on those last two so hopefully I'll still get some training effect from the session.

Ben ran with us tonight but I think he continued onto a slightly longer session, like a duracell bunny to my ordinary one. The rest of the lads and Jerry put in three 300's to finish. I had nothing left so gave them a miss - plus it began to p#*@ down with rain at that point - what's a bloke to do? Couldn't get my hair wet could I? - ooooh I'll get my handbag - only joking (said in my deepest, hardest sounding voice) - shut it you muppet.

Well done to Sean for his handicap win on Sunday. He looked perfectly normal tonight so he must have recovered from what ever caused him to be handicapped - oh, I see, a time handicap race, right, that sounds more sensible.

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