Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The gods were smiling ...

... despite the weather being terrible all day we managed an almost entirely dry, calm training session tonight - and I didn't even have my lucky, holy - sorry - holey underpants on!

Tonight we were on Clifton Prom hill reps. The turn out was great - almost a full platoon. The quick boys and girls ran three big ones up to the Observatory followed by some medium ones. Everyone else ran the medium reps - except, of course, for me (there's always one - tut). After my success on the weekend I decided to run four big ones! I hasten to add NOT because I was with the quick boys for I was no where near them and only joking about the success thing. The real reason is simply that I have some hilly races coming up in the next few weeks and I wanted a tough workout.

I was really pleased with the consistency tonight, 6:16, 6:18, 6:14 and 6:20 with a one minute recovery after the first rep and then two minutes between the rest. The bonus tonight was that my pace was quicker than the session in December - and I only ran the shorter, medium reps then!

Everyone finished off the session with two small reps, where I managed 2:27 and 2:33. My legs had gone to jelly come the end but it really was a great session. Now off to recover ahead of tomorrow's track session....

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