Thursday, January 11, 2007

Glutton for punishment

Went straight down the gym from work and put in a solid half hour interval session on the bike, set one level higher than I've gone before. Certainly made me pump the ol' legs. Good relaxation though, sat there, peddling me short, fat, hairy legs as I read 'Sherlock Holmes: The Sign Of Four'. Then pumped iron for a further half hour.

I felt tired from yesterday but guilty I hadn't managed to get out for the run I had intended this morning. I made up my mind, I wasted no more time - and went to Mike's Zoo session. Tonight we ran eight slightly extended single laps (about 880 vs 820m). To be honest I took the first one easy and built from there since I wasn't sure how I would go. My splits were 3:26, 3:17, 3:07, 3:06, 3:04 and 2:57, only six, as I decided I should stop there as I felt knackered and I had really pushed on that sixth one. Each of the laps was hard work but I just kept trying to close the gap to Jerry and Charlie (or at least stop it growing so quickly) - and keep John W behind me for a long as I could (he gave us all a head start). On that Final one I managed it! So I decided what the heck, in for a penny in for a pound and ran the full session. My last two laps were 3:00 and 3:01 but I was hanging on on the last lap, desperate to keep John behind me - but alas, resistance was futile and he came blasting past on the final up hill bit.

Never-the-less it was a hard fought session, beating my own demons in the process to complete the full session. The interesting point was that it was windier than yesterday, I did the bike beforehand and I still managed to run at a very similar pace (the sixth, seventh and eighth were actually ever so slightly quicker) to yesterday's 800's but on a slightly longer lap - how does that work?

Praise be for a rest day tomorrow before a short fell race on Saturday where I hope to dip my toe into the crazy craft that is falling down a mountain while trying to land on your feet as you fall.

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