Sunday, January 07, 2007

Almost Perfect at the Forest of Dean Trail Race

Today was my greatest ever moment in running. The weather was pants. Fine drizzle before, during and after the race but that couldn't distract me from my date with destiny.......

I opted for the 10.4k. Basically it's a two lap course with a short run to the lap and from the lap to the finish. There was also a one lap 5.4k and three lap 15.4k race all taking place together so you weren't sure who you were racing.

The first half of the lap was uphill and then - obviously - downhill to the end of the lap. I really didn't notice the uphill section but really felt the benefit of the downhill bit. There seemed far more downhill than up. Graham and Suzanne would beg to differ.

I went off steady and ran even pace for the first lap. At the start of second lap Clevedon's Vito came sprinting past me! He'd decided to give everyone a head start - some might say he got there late and missed the start - I'll let him decided. Anyway, he came home as first senior man (second in the race).

I was working hard on the second lap and managed to catch up and overtake four people on the uphill. There was one runner tracking me all through that second lap but luckily I managed to hold him off. That second lap was about 30s quicker than the first, which was one of my aims - to finish strong.

After a sprint finish of sorts I came home in 40:35 and .......... 2nd Senior Man!!!!!!! My greatest ever placing in a race. I am chuffed beyond belief. (I was 4th overall and still bloody pleased with that). Today I claimed my first ever piece of silverware - ok, not quite silver - a golden plaque adorned with jewels and intricate carvings? - all right, a wood effect plastic plaque with gold plastic bits - which I shall, never the less, cherish forever - after all, it's likely to be my only ever (almost) win.

It's true that the field may not have been the strongest ever assembled but in the words of Rhet Butler, 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

Well done to Suzanne for first place in the 5.4k senior women's race (second overall) and Graham for 13th in the 10.4k.

Finally, whoo hoo hoo ...... sorry, I mean, off to build my trophy cabinet......

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Anonymous said...

Well done that man.
I trust you will bring it to the track on Wednesday . . . . will it still be around your neck?
The boys had better watch out at training, you'll have a spring in your step and looking to burn them off the track.
Life begins (not quite at forty), but when you become a vet / master.
well done

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