Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Taking it easy at the track

After yesterday's race I decided to take it easy tonight - I lied :)

We ran five 800's 'cept I added an extra one to make six as I have a fear of odd numbers dating back to the time when I was run over by a milk float carrying an odd number of bottles.

It was one of my faster sessions tonight. In fact, I don't think I have actually run six 800's back to back before. Recovery was a bit loose but I was still pleased with the reps. I started steady with a 2:37 and 2:38. Then came a 2:34 as I chased Nick down and beat him on the dip. Well, I say beat, there is actually some debate as to whether I stole it on the line or not so we are eagerly awaiting the official photo finish - which is currently being developed by the Kodak labs in Dusseldorf. We should have the results for you a week next Thursday. The 2:45 was as a result of that gargantuan effort on the rep before and I was pleased to recover for the penultimate rep of 2:41. The boys gave me some heckles on my final, solo rep - which was nice - and lifted me to a final flourish of 2:40.

Nick was running really well tonight. He seems to be flying at the moment. Harry was also on form and Rob stuck with it to complete the five. Harry and Rob may have gone off a bit quick on the first couple but still pretty good.

PS I made up the bit about the milk float - it is, as they say in the trade, total bo@#%cks. I just wanted to put in an extra one as my fifth rep was fast enough to merit it.

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