Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Track glorious track

Conditions were pretty good tonight, fairly calm if a little chilly but as I say, the cold won't kill you (well, maybe it could kill you, but what the heck we risked it - and if it did you wouldn't need any bleach!). The boys were all out tonight, Nick, Sean and Harry with the exception of Ben, due to what I hope is only a very minor set back for him after his win on Thursday. So fingers crossed for a speedy return for you Ben and chin up.

I felt a bit tired from yesterday's session on the Prom but still well up for it tonight. I don't intend to shirk training from now on. I have been guilty in the past of taking it easy during a session. Sometimes not completing the entire session and other times slowing and not working to the limit. But 2007 is my year of taking it to the limit - and not just one more time but every time. This year, even when I have had doubts half way through a session, I have gamely battled on, as was the case tonight.

We ran three 600's (1:54, 1:54, 1:53) followed by four 400's (72, 75, 75, 74). It was during the 400's that my legs gave up and it became a battle of will as much as a physical one. After the first 200m of each lap my legs began to burn with lactic acid but I pushed myself on. Although the laps were a bit slower than last week it was still maximum effort. After the 400's came three 300's to finish (53, 53, 51). I began to feel a little sick after the first three hundred but it soon passed and determination drove me on to complete. On the final one I was chasing Harry hard and as we hit 50m to go I thought I was going to catch him but he could hear my asthmatic war cry as I approached (aka my dodgy breathing) and managed to hold me off by, ooh, I would say, a good metre and a half. It certainly helped pull me along to a final flourish though, 51s. Probably as fast as I've gone on a three hundred.

Now off to recover ready for my trip to the zoo tomorrow....

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