Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feel good Thursday

Tonight's session was gert brill for no other reason than I overcame my wicked, evil, impure thoughts ... of not completing the session. We were up at the zoo again running one double lap (as a bit of a warm up really) and then six singles. On laps three and four I was really questioning whether to pack in the session but I overcame it. Incredibly, I managed to run all of the singles in exactly 2:51 - except for the last one ... which was a 2:50, whoo hoo. That's about the same as last weeks singles but the recoveries where tighter tonight. It was hard work and no mistake. I had to dig a little deeper on each successive lap but that's what it's all about. No pain, No gain. When I asked the questions of myself tonight I got the right answers for once.

It's been a hard week, a race followed by three hard sessions (and obviously I put in 45 minutes at the gym before tonight's session). I'm feeling the buzz again. My spirits are lifted. Definitely a hard week but if I can feel like this afterwards then bring it on...

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