Friday, January 19, 2007

Slip sliding away....

Knocked off work early to go and get myself a recovery ten miler. It were awfully muddy out there in Leigh Woods and Ashton Court today. I was flipping slipping all over the place. Additionally, I slightly miss calculated the route as it turned out to be nearer 11.5 miles. That's my longest since the start of December! I don't suppose it will have done me any harm though and I guess it's about time I started putting in some longer runs. Maybe I should think about getting back up to a weekly fifteen miler.

On the run the pegs felt unresponsive so I took it easy, no point in killing myself. I pushed on the hills though - everyone knows a leopard can't change his spots - and felt surprisingly good. Hopefully I will be feeling sprightly by tomorrow and then super sprightly on Sunday for the race.

Overall, this has been another fine week of training. Considering how broken my legs were at the start of the week I've managed two really good sessions on Wednesday and Thursday and a decent long run today. Have to say that Wednesday was the highlight, still can't believe I managed those 72s on such tired legs.

And finally, I still haven't managed to locate a race for next weekend so suggestions on a postcard to ....

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