Monday, January 15, 2007

Another rest day methinks

Well almost, my legs are still too sore to run, maybe even more sore than yesterday - curse doms ( that's delayed onset muscle soreness to you). Made it down the gym instead though. Put in 30 minutes on the Bike, which wasn't really that painful and I was actually able to hit it pretty hard considering. On a positive note my fitness level is great at the moment. The old pulse rate came zooming down between intervals so I'm certainly no where near fatigued or over training - which is nice. In light of that I'm happy to crank on with the training as normal this week and maybe add in some extra miles as I have somewhat let the mileage slip of late. Now I think it's time to start building it back up a bit. I want to be in good half-m shape in case I feel the urge.

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