Monday, January 22, 2007

Kneely but not quite

Today has been the first day since my long run just before Christmas that my left knee has not hurt at all - yippee! I don't actually know what I did during that particular run to cause the problem. All I know is that for the last few weeks, after every run I could feel discomfort for a day or two (and since I didn't break off from running for more than that it meant it was pretty much constant!). It was never particularly bad though and once I was up and running the pain went but today has been the first day without feeling the problem at all. I've been able to go down stairs without feeling any discomfort which is truly the first time since it happened. I was expecting it to be bad today after yesterdays race, it was killer after last weeks fell race but instead - nada. I know, I know I'm my own worst enemy because I should have rested up and let it get better but I'm of the 'grin and bare it' school of stupidity.

Anyway, I have had a rest day today except for an hour on the bike and half hour on the weights but that doesn't really count. I'm all ready for tomorrow's Clifton Prom session and I think I should be able to give it some. Oh, and just set a new sit up record for one sitting, 222 - nice.

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