Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Squaring up for a run

Tonight's session was over at Aztec again. I like the mile reps but tonight I knew from 30s into the first rep that I didn't have any speed in the legs. So instead of four single mile reps I ran two double mile reps. I ran the first in 12:12 with mile splits of 6:15 and 5:57 and the second in 12:08 with mile splits of 6:07 and 6:01. Overall I was pleased with the session because I did push myself. I was tired from yesterday, had to run them solo and worked hard, especially on the last rep to come in quicker than the first one.

I'm looking forward to tomorrows track session as I feel I will have recovered a bit more from the hangover by then and be ready to run a hard session with task master Rick cracking the whip.

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