Monday, June 03, 2019

The Three R's

Yes, tonight's training was a row, a run and a ride and despite none being overly long the combined effort was pretty high.

I started with a 2000m row and went at it a bit hard. I overcooked it in the first 1000m, held it together in the next 500m and then began to die in the final 500m. I was rewarded with a time 13s quicker than yesterday and what's more I have even more motivation than ever to continue with the rowing now that I've found out that there is an Android app for the Concept 2. It logs heart rate, power and various other geekish data - and I love that s#!t. Nothing motivates me more than having meaningless data to analyse! It even automatically exports to Strava - but only if you take the log card out apparently - which I found out after I'd finished. So no data today but next time. I'm itching for next time...

After the row I hit the treadmill for an interval session. Seven 250m reps with equal recovery. The first at 13.5kph, the next three at 14.5kph and the final three at 15.5kph - and I even pushed the final one out to 300m.

Then I was onto the bike for a 10k tempo effort on Zwift. It was a bit ropy to begin with and I struggled to get the power going but within a couple of minutes I was off and running, um, er, so to speak.

Felt a bit shaky afterwards but nothing some grub didn't sort. Onwards and upwards...

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