Sunday, June 09, 2019

Bloody Knackered

I started the days training with an interval session (running) of 8 x 250m with equal recovery. It felt surprisingly comfortable - going to have to up the stakes next time.. After a brief rest I hit the #Zwift for an age category race of 53km with 700m of climb.

I went at it pretty hard and got into a good group so our speed was high. That meant we rolled along [merrily] gathering in a few solo riders along the way, expanding the group ever larger. Then we got to the Epic KOM climb (about 8km of climbing and most of the routes ascent) and it broke apart. Happily I found myself pulling off the front and broke clear. I worked hard, putting out solid, steady power all the way to grind out a new climb pb by a massive 8s!

After the descent I found myself in another group, only three or four of us though but we worked well to keep the pace going. As we hit the final, shorter climb I decided to go for it and broke away. I got 30-40s clear but I'd burnt myself out. They stayed as a group and as we hit 5km to go I crashed and burned. I got the shakes and they very quickly gathered me in, spat me out and left me for dead.

I pushed through to the finish with all that I had left but it was painful. And that was it for the weekends and indeed the weeks training. It's been a solid week, 12 assorted sessions. Feel totally zonked now. Despite only being a virtual race, the effort was real. Going to sleep soundly tonight. Definitely a rest day tomorrow...

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