Friday, June 07, 2019

Feeling Tired

but I managed a short, sharp #Zwift race on one of my favourite race loops, the Innsbruckring. It was only two laps, so just over 17km but that meant threshold power all the way... My average power was towards my top end and I especially enjoyed blasting the short, sharp climb each lap. That didn't prevent me coming in the bottom 25% of the field though - but there was only twenty something of us and in the smaller fields it tends to be packed towards the stronger end - that and the fact that close to half of them were putting out above category power.... It's not big or clever to ride the wrong category! One guy who beat me was putting down B category power - and he was entered in the D! (I'm C). That aside it was a good burn up.

Yesterday I managed just a 2k row - and that was hard, heart thumping effort. I should take a rest day but it's the weekend so can't really allow that...

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