Sunday, June 02, 2019

Should've Guessed

By the name, 'The Wringer', that the bike session I chose to ride today was not going to be easy. I'm not sure my quads have ever burnt as much at the completion of each rep as they did today. It really was full on painful.

The session, after the warm up ramp, was 12 reps of 30s at 188% of FTP (or 400W). I hit the spiral of death on the first rep as I was caught unawares, expecting a brief rest after the ramp, there wasn't one and my cadence dropped too low to recover. The other 11 reps were achieved but oh my goodness, did it ever burn. Good session.

I started off the training with 2000m on the rower. I've decided to bring that into the mix to bring in a bit of upper body workout. It's been a while - and it showed. 2:04/500m which is a long way off the 1:54 but I've got the target. It'll take a while.

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