Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Wood For The Fire

The final sheets of ply are purchased. All set to finish off the unit in the van by paneling the sides. Not going to get it done Saturday on account of running all day - and possibly all night. Sunday, of course, is off limits - make a mental note, flowers. The card is already in the bag. In fact it's already in the car so I don't leave the bloody thing at home - I've never done before... I'll have to finish the van evenings.

Tonight I did an hour on the bike and twenty on the rower. Sweat on. Oh, and while I remember, my Forest of Dean Half Marathon number has arrived. I'm number 1195 - my lucky number, the year Alexius III Angelus overthrew Isaac II and became Byzantine Emperor - cool.

PS, and if you believe that... of course it was the year the Georgians defeated the Ildenizids of Azerbaijan at the Battle of Shamkor.

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