Monday, March 19, 2012

Go Garlic Go

All five of my garlic cloves are rooting and tootin' through the soil. Showing a goodly couple centimetres of green shoot bursting forth. Go garlic go. Yes, tonight we are going the Goodlife.. My legs are still knackered so I'm resting up.

The re-planted tomatoes - needn't have been worried - are shooting up and looking strong. In fact I've got way too many. I thought I'd be a bit rubbish at all this growing stuff, that they'd all die and I be struggling to get anything to grow. I reckon I've got ten grow bags worth! Tomato plant anyone? Is tomato plant the right word? Whatever.

The herbs are also looking good. The coriander, basil and chive are starting to pick up. Of all the stuff I've planted I'm just awaiting the spring onions to show.. Oh, and I almost forgot the chilies have finally kicked off and they appear to have gone a bit crazy. In the space of a couple of days they've gone from one or two slightly iffy are they aren't they growing shoots? to a dozen definitely growing shoots. I need more pots to plant them on in a week or two...

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