Friday, March 16, 2012

I've Got A Long One

ooh matron - planned for tomorrow. Thirty mountainous miles to be run and I'm all set. Should be good fun and I've got some company so it'll all the better. Good ol' Pat W. Running thirty miles all by yourself is tough. It's not so much the physical - that's the easy bit. No, it's the mental toughness you need to carry on going when you're bloody knackered - for me that comes after about ten miles into it - lol. The other twenty get run on mental toughness alone. Of course, when the weather is good the views take your mind off the pain - but that's not going to be a pleasure for tomorrow. The forecast is - how do I say this in polite company? - far from good. It looks worse than last week and that was bad enough. Possibly going to be the worst conditions of the year so far. I'm seeing heavy, persistent rain - happy days - but it's got to be done. The miles must be run. To test yourself. To see what you're capable of. There is a price to pay - and that price looks like being soaked through. Well, at least for tomorrow. On another day, there'll be a different price to pay...

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