Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hell My Legs Hurt

Too be honest my legs don't ache any more than expected after a day in the mountains but the finish to yesterday's run, down the ridge from Fan y Big, was a real pounder and my hips are sore. It was the last section off the hill that was the killer. It was like running on concrete. Nothing a days rest won't cure so I didn't go for a run this morning. That gave me time for a bit more work on the van. I've managed to ply a bit more of the kitchen/storage unit. Almost finished now. Just one more panel to fit and it's a wrap.

Then it was a quick scrub up and off to lunch with the family in Bristol. As is normal on a visit to N&R's I ate too much - but it's always so nice I can't help myself. And now it's time to hop on the low impact training device - or exercise bike as some people call it - for an hour to burn off some of those calories...

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