Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking At The Maps

Been giving the Offa's 120k - as I've named it - some more thought. The journey to Knighton doesn't seem quite so straight forward - which is a shame. Searching online reveals flippin' loads of different ways to get there. All of which entail lots of swapping and changing - and there was me thinking I could get a train straight from Gloucester. Damn fool.

The plan as it is so far is to travel up midday Thursday the 5th April, B&B somewhere overnight and then head out into the great outdoors Good Friday to arrive home late Saturday evening. The only weak link - OK, one of the many weak links - will be the weather because once I commit to it I don't fancy two days on foot in the pouring rain. It should be good training for the traverse and the Saunders.

Oh, and while I think about it. Tonight's homemade curried butternut squash and sweet corn soup was lush - plus four portions for the freezer. Oh yeah, I sure know how to live...

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