Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Every Day, In Every Way..

I get a little more knackered. Can't be arsed for any training tonight. Last week was a poor one for training. This one looks well set to better that - or should that be worser that - and then some. I really need to face the fact that I might not be ready for the traverse come June. I can't burn the candle from both ends. I'll keep on with the weekend long runs and see how things go but when the dust settles on work I may just accept this ain't the year I traverse. Don't want to admit defeat so early in the campaign but I'm not going to destroy myself and get myself injured wrecklessly. I like running in the mountains and I'd rather defer again, stay injury free and head north later in the year a few times for some good running and adventure. Perhaps I should turn my focus to the longer game and get myself ready for a late August/early September 60 hour Offa's Dyke traverse. The 176 miles in two and a half days should be a doddle...

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