Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Mad Idea

Today was a good day but I was too lazy on the running front. My legs are tired but that shouldn't stop me. The day's been good it's just that I've been too lazy. Still can't seem to gee myself up. As I sit and relax ideas are formulating. Now, if I was stuck in the middle of nowhere I'd have no choice but to run, Forest, run wouldn't I? Yes, that's what I thought. Over the last year I've accumulated a fair bit of light weight kit - yep, I'm all set for the Saunders - but I can't just use it once or twice a year. [I can see where this is headed..]

I fully intend a crack at the Offa's Dyke in 60 hours later this year. Ah ha, why not try a bit of training for it! Looking at the map, Knighton has a train station. That means I should be able to get there pretty easy. I've not had a holiday for a while. Not been away proper since last September - for the wet weekend that was the Peris Hourseshoe. Giving serious thought to a little excursion on Easter weekend. A two day running - crawling by the end no doubt - extravaganza!

The initial concept is to start out from Knighton, carrying full kit including tent, and follow the Offa's Dyke path to Hay-on-Wye, wild camping up on the hill - and maybe a pint in the pub before hand. Day two across to - and past - Monmouth following Offa's before picking up the Wysis Way home. It will be tough. Of that I have no doubt. I will be moving on foot for the entire day without question. As long as I can plan in a couple of pub lunches on route, I reckon I can do it. First estimate is for a distance in the region of 110-120km (68-75miles). Should be bloody good.

Time to organise, plan and book it in the diary. Then I'll have no choice but to do it. Sounds like a proper Mad Runner plan...


MattR said...

Wocher. Sounds like a plan alright. By the bye, Mike W is going for a three day attempt later this year. I can put you in touch if you want to hook up for Reccies etc. Cheers, Matt

The Mad Runner said...

Your run the other day sounded nice, tried to comment but 'puter went wonky. Never been up the ridge from Capel..
I've got Mikes email, I will drop him a note. I was looking at a 6am Friday start at the top down to a Chepstow finish at 6pm Sunday. Looking at August..

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