Monday, March 05, 2012

A Little More On The Van

I managed to squeeze in a bit more work on the van tonight after the drive home and the hour on the bike. Oh, and while I remember, it's going to be a cold one tonight me thinks so get your scrappers ready just in case. Fortunate I was only doing some small finishing touches.

First up was applying the rubberised finish to the upright shelves. That will help to stop stuff flying off when Vera drifts the bends at massive speed. The other little job was fixing the anchor hoops to the walls for the bungee cords to keep the water tank in place. The rubberised finish of the shelf is grippy - but not that grippy when it's trying to keep 10-15kg of water in place. I didn't fancy that coming free as it could really break something.

Over the coming weeks I intend to fit a bit more of the rubberised finish to the other shelves and fix up a few 'lips' to other shelves all in the name of stopping stuff sliding around in transit. Then of course there's the ply to the sides of the cabinet and finally a few hooks and what not here and there. The other main focus is the design of some kind of easy to install door porch overhang thing that I can whip out and put over the sliding door doorway to stop the rain pouring in while the door is open. I'm sure there must be some kind of commercial product available but whether they'll fit a vanette I very much doubt.

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