Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grow My Beauties, Grow

Been turning my hand to gardening again today. The herbs are looking in good shape, including my favourite, coriander, although it took a time to show its face. Next up I thinned out the tomatoes from the pot and re-planted to the grow bag. They now look a little sad but I'm hoping nature, being the wonderful thing it is, will work its magic. I'm the first to admit I don't really know what I'm doing. How big do they need to be before I thin them and plant them on? I don't bloody know. The books help but the three or four I've got aren't an idiots guide - and that's what I need. This is certainly going to be a bit of an experiment.

The chillis are my biggest worry. So far they are a no show - and they're the thing which got me trying all this. They better flippin' start sprouting soon. Just in case I have sown another batch of even hotter ones. Hopefully I will get some chillis by harvest time. Fingers crossed. Hopefully the newly sown spring onions will behave themselves and appear to the schedule.

With all the seeding done it was time to head outdoors into the garden to plant up some tatties in one of my raised beds. Apparently I will need to keep them well watered - better put a 'recurring' in my diary... And I knew there was a reason I kept that chicken wire - there'll be no cats s%!*ing on my plot.

Finally it was the turn of the grass to be cut with a little re-seeding on a few of the bare patches. I can see it's going to keep me busy from now till autumn - arse - and I really need my composter to arrive!

The grow-servatory...

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