Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Repercussions

Yes, thankfully my ankle is fine if a little bruised. Let's hope that yesterday's brush with disaster is the only 'time stood still' moment between now and the 28th.

My legs felt a little heavy this morning. I struggled to rise from the pit and with conditions hot and humid I decided against a long run. Instead I opted for an hour on the bike, followed by a brisk 5k round the village and then another hour on the bike to finish. Fingers crossed the weather is slightly cooler tomorrow so I can run the run I should have run today tomorrow ... Confused? You should be, I am! - ssssh, shut it...

So why the 'brisk' run? Well, I've not done much speed for ages apart from the odd race. It was nice to stretch out the legs. Get a bit of leg turn over and you know what? It felt pretty good. Lots of spring in them her legs. I think I actually looked like a runner...

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