Sunday, April 17, 2011

Run In The Sun

and by golly gosh it was a hot one. My legs felt as alright as I could expect - that is, I could walk. Up early. Coffee and breaky consumed it was over to Tintern for Chepstow's Harriers Offa's Orror race.

As I jogged over to the village hall to register I knew I was going to be in for 'a little bit of trouble'. I could hardly run. Not in a pain inhibiting way just a 'legs why won't you move more quickly' kind of way. I paid my fee and headed back to the car to prepare. Then, as the hour of doom approached, I shuffled over to the start line. I decided to start near the back and see if I could coax my legs into life during the first few miles - it didn't work. As we hit the first climb I ground to a halt and had to walk - oh the shame, and it wasn't even very steep, as runner after runner passed me.

I finally manage to start looking halfway like a runner once we reached the Offa's Dyke - nudge, nudge, wink, wink. The legs started working and slowly I started clawing my way into and then through the field. I was able to make my best gains on the sharp descents. Being a bit of nutter I piled down the rocky, stoney sections leaving my fellow competitors for dead - but not literally. By the time we reached the far end of the course most of the climbing was done and it was just the flat five mile run in by the side of the River Wye back to Tintern - my favourite bit - NOT. It's like a bloody road race, the ground so hard and level.

Anyway, I continued to overtake but the gaps were much larger so I only managed to make up another dozen places. Finally back to Tintern, I crossed the line in 1:42 for the 20km race with 2,000 feet of ascent. More surprising was my 53rd place. There must have 200+ in the race. I survived it and more importanly so did the legs and I was only six minutes down on my best - so all in all not a bad result considering...

Offa's Orror


MattR said...

Good stuff dave - especially after the slow start. Would like to do this race one day...

JonM said...

Good effort. Was 'effin hot running along the Wye on the way back. Went for "sub 8's" along there and managed to finish in 1:42 as well (1:42:04 to be exact).

Just out of interest, how do you know your place already? Second guessing I s'pose you asked the Chepstow Harriers recording the finishers :)

Well done!

The Mad Runner said...

And you mate, you had me by 50seconds! and yeah, I looked over the shoulder of the recorders. You must've been top fifty though.

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