Monday, April 04, 2011

Sugar Low

Well not so much a sugar low, more a race low. Last week was a great week but now I've crashed. That's not to say today's been a particularly bad day. Work was good but it wasn't a race. Can the coming week measure up to the last? There's the Sugar Loaf but that's not till Saturday - and that's practically five days away. Can I last without a race till then? Can training possibly fill the void left by the absence of a race? Nope, but I'll just have to get over it and train anyway. I'll store the race energy and recapture the buzz next Saturday. It's a Chepstow championship race so hopefully I can claim good points and beat last years time into the bargain.

Tonight I mustered for 90 minutes on the bike. My legs have felt pretty dead all day so I took things pretty easy. The forecast for tomorrow looks a bit rubbish so the planed lunch run might not happen...

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