Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wonderfully Lazy

You know sometimes you just got to do it. You got to forget what's right. Forget what's just. Sometimes you just got to be a lazy bastard. Today was my sometime.

I woke late. That was 'a sign'. The first one. Then, as I took my first step from the bed, I got a second sign. Pain in my left hip. To be fair, that wasn't so much 'a sign', more an actual complaint. It was OK yesterday during the race and afterwards but today it's a bit sore. With only seven weeks to go till my traverse I need to take care. One slip now and it's over before it's begun. I cancelled the planned run and did a non-impact bike session and row instead.

A part of me regrets not getting out for a run in the glorious weather. The forest looks great this time of year, with the sun's rays fighting their way through the burgeoning forest canopy. But I needed to listen to my body today, now more than ever. When it says, 'hang on a minute' I need to listen. And if I'm honest I feel ready for the traverse already - but I don't want to be cocky, I give the traverse utmost respect. It's just that the next few weeks are going to be a bonus. There's no doubt in my mind I am the fittest I've ever been. Yesterday's Sugar Loaf PB only confirms that. It's feels like the old days. The day's when I had no worries. No fears. The day's when I raced to finish top ten. Oh happy day.

With the days amended training complete I headed into the afternoon sunshine - well, the garden anyway. I fixed the dog eaten gate - can't think whose dog did that? Then I tied back the roses and trained the climby plant thing over the gateway arch - what? Do I look like Alan Titchmarsh, I don't what type of plant it is. Then I took down the worst of the eye sore anti-dog-jump-the-fence defences - it's not like they'll ever be needed again. The garden is looking less Colditz more country garden.

Been a lovely restful weekend with the bonus of a great race. Totally topper...

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