Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Abridged Version

I remembered to take my running kit with me to work. That in itself was a good effort on account that I have totally lost track of what month we're in let alone what day of the week it is but as six 0'clock approached, the supposed journey to the dark side of the city looked a long way off and with a heavy heart - and even heavier legs - I decided that forcing my tired frame round the Bridge Inn's 5k was not really sensible. These last few days in the run up to my traverse are more critical than can be given credit. I want another couple of decent long runs on the coming bank holiday weekend so I'm going to take it easy these next three days. To give my legs, body - and soul - a chance to recharge. I'm not yet broken and I want to keep it that way.

So, with some spare time this evening, I've had time to analyse Friday's splits - and they were good. In the days heat I managed to run the section from Garreg Las through to Fan Llia almost exactly on schedule, gaining just 8 minutes. If I could run it like that in the real thing I'd be well pleased. It was a good effort in my book because the aim of the day was to get the pace correct. I feel I'm getting in the groove. Holding yourself back, minmising effort to save energy for later is more difficult than you'd think.

Well this is sounding all too sensible, I'm off...

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