Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It Happened

The lunch run, that is. The sun shone. The birds sang - well I expect somewhere birds sang - and we ran. The clockwise loop and I ran like a sack of potatoes - and a sack of old, sprouting ones at that. But it didn't matter to me. I got out there, and that's what's matters. Martin, on the other hand, is still on fire at the moment. Having set a new sub-eighteen 5k pb last week, he continues to run well. I finished off my exercise for today with an easy thirty cool down on the bike.

I've booked a day off work to head back over to the beacons for more recceing. This time I am attempting to carve out a new and somewhat intricate route from the village of Llangynidr to the start of the climb to Pen-Cerrig-Calch without using the Glen Usk Estate. I want the route of my traverse to be entirely on public rights of way. To use private land - albeit with permission - doesn't seem in the spirit. I know it will cost me time and distance but I have to try. To make my mark. Where I lead maybe others will follow...

Anyway, to that effect I believe I have determined a cunning new way that only adds 500 metres. OK, that's a couple of minutes but if my calculations are correct - and I have every faith they are, my route entails 75 feet less ascent and you know me, I'm a great believer in not losing too much height. I reckon I'll get back some of the 500m from that. Tomorrow I'm going to try it out.

Other than that bit of excitement it isn't going to be the most exciting of runs. Up Tor-y-Foel, along the ridge, a practice crossing to Ystrad and then back down the road - boo. Then my new section - yeah. Then up Pen-Cerring-Calch - boo. Then back down to the car and home - yeah.

Right, time to detail the route....

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