Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Shine. On recommendation - and having seen the bad boy in action at the High Peak Marathon - I have acquired myself of a MagicShine 808 head torch. To be fair it's actually a bike headlamp supplied with a headband. To say it's bright is an understatement. It is practically like having the sun attached to your head. I tried it out in the field - and planes tried to land! I cogitated long. I cogitated hard - it wasn't too painful - before making the decision to buy. It's an expensive bit of kit but sometimes times you just got to go for the top gear. I reckon this was one of those times and hopefully it will last a goodly while.

As to today's lunch run, it was a disaster. The sun was glorious but within three or four minutes I cramped up on both calves instantaneously. My legs felt heavy from the off so we weren't even going very fast. I had to stop and give them a rub. Fortunately I got going again and the rest of the run was incident free. We totally looked like joggers but interestingly it wasn't the slowest we've run the route - sure as hell felt like it though. I finished myself off with 45 minutes on the bike this evening.

I'm going to take it easy tomorrow because I want to bring my long run forward to Friday - just need to work out the route, gonna be an all-dayer again...

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