Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bit Of A Non-Starter

You know whenever something goes well that it's going to be followed by something to redress the balance. I woke up this morning feeling a bit congested and suffering from a slightly sore throat. Arse - and that's putting it mildly. I guess I might have over cooked things in the mountains yesterday what with it being mighty hot. With the day looking like being another scorcher, and if anything even hotter than yesterday, I declined to run. Risking dehydration wasn't going to do me - or the throat - any favours. I did manage an hour on the bike but even then my throat dried a little.

After that I pootled around the house and garden completing various chores and the like - as is almost the law on bank holiday weekends. The front garden is looking tidier now the weeds have been pulled and the car is nice and shiny after its shampoo and rinse.

Still sniffling this afternoon I am going to rest. I feel like I should go for a run in the late afternoon sunshine but I know my throat will dry up in about three seconds flat. I feel totally guilty - and not least because it looks gert lush out there. My nose is still running so I'm not going to be stupid - at least something's running.

Anyway, hopefully I will get out for a run tomorrow either before I leave for Bristol or afterwards at Ashton Court - if I can find out whether anyone will be there for the old 10am run. Haven't been to Leigh Woods for yonks so that would be nice...

Well, there is one high point to a day that has been full of disappointment - Dr Who is back!!! Yeah baby - god I'm a child...

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