Monday, April 18, 2011

Nearing The Finish

of tonight's session and that can only mean one thing - the Gadget Show is almost over too. Just an hour on the bike this evening. Setting, easy. Legs achy but not too sore. Hip good. And the harmony of the Universe is returning to normal.

The results from yesterday's Orror are now online and there were more runners than I thought, 272. Makes my 53rd look pretty good in the cold light of day. I reckon I would only just have nudged top twenty on a fresh set of legs and considering I started towards the back, 53rd is a result indeed.

And being a nerdy geek bastard I've even had chance to analyse the GPS data - as only a nerdy geek mathematical physicist would do - to work out I was sub seven minute mileing along the four miles of the river bank section at the end. I don't go much quicker than that at the moment under any circumstances let alone eight miles in on a f&%ked set of legs. I almost can't wait to get the Traverse out the way so I can train a few speed sessions and go bust a sub-3 hour marathon in the Autumn.

Heck I feel fine right about now - there must be a fall waiting just around the corner...

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