Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Days

The simple days are the best. I took the day off work because I've been feeling tired these last few days. Gave myself a good long lie in this morning - well, I made it to half past eight before I got itchy feet and had to get up and at the world. When I say the world, it was really just my world. I haven't moved beyond the grounds of my estate and it's been brilliant.

The weather's been great and I've been working in the garden - but only light work. Cut the grass. Pruned the pear tree - not the right time of year for pruning, I know, but I can't let it get any more overgrown. I got a pang of guilt for letting the pond get into a bit of a mess so I put that to rights and gave it a tidy up. After that I had a quick whip round the whole garden to remove the largest and most obvious of the weeds. It's all looking ship shape. Ready for barbecue season - if I actually had a barbecue!

There is something quite satisfying when you stand back and see the results of your labours - and you know what? I could get used to this gardening malarchy. It's been a really restful day. I almost feel like I should pack in the day job, buy the field next door, plant it up, get some pigs and chickens and live off the land like Tom and Barbara - well, more like Barbara than Tom...

Maybe not.

Off to the mountains again tomorrow for 20-25 miles and about 7,000 feet. Going east Black Mountains, starting near Crickhowell.

Been such a good day in simple kinda way. Oh, and I did put in a very easy resistance bike session.

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