Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Managed to get myself over to the track tonight. Didn't feel totally up for it. We were at full capacity tonight on the runners front but our intrepid leader, Rick, couldn't make it. The topic of conversation soon turned to our suspicion that he was off to the local footie derby, all tooled up and spoiling for some action. (Rick, only kidding - we known you wouldn't need to go tooled up :)

Session wise, we ran ten 400's - using the rotation technique (oh er misses) - as is makes the time go quicker. Nick was knocking out 65's for the first half but drifted out to 68's - still pretty good effort though. There was a bit of wind about tonight (but we won't mention who had the curry) - seriously though, the wind was strong into us down the home straight. I managed three at 75, then six at 74 and a final 73 to finish. I've gone quicker when only running eight reps but not when running ten so I have to be pleased - and I really felt tired tonight. Sean, Harry and Rob were somewhere in the middle, between 65 and 71. Sean missed one of the laps early on but we all joined together once we'd finished to shame him into running a final one solo to make up for it - and fair play he ran a 65 which was good going, especially considering he ran it solo.

Tomorrow it's off to the Zoo. Not sure if anyone else is going to turn up so I might be Billy no mates - that'll be nice.

PS. For the record, Sean's absence last week was due to him racing down at Street in a 5k and no other reason as previously implied, wink.

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