Saturday, February 10, 2007

Angle of dangle

The legs were pain free yesterday for the first time in five days but I couldn't get out to train as I was away to Hertfordshire. The heel blister should also be sorted but I shall be taping it up just in case. This week I have managed to run precisely once and for 20 pathetic minutes. My head has not been good today but hopefully I shall be fighting fit and ready for the Dozen tomorrow.

I have finished the adjustments to the cap-cam. It's difficult to work out exactly the correct position that it needs to be set at because the position of my head moves around as I tire. I start out looking ahead then as I tire (usually after about five minutes) the old noggin starts to droop (I'm talking about my head, thank you). Hopefully I have got the balance right and the footage will be a bit more of the racing view instead of the butt eye view as used in last weeks clip. I guess we'll find out on Sunday or Monday .... or Tuesday.

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