Monday, February 05, 2007

Oh what joy....

Yet again my legs are sore - big time (quads mainly). This brought much amusement to Graham and Clive as I hobbled around at work. Once I got going the pegs where OK but since I sit on the old lardy for hours at a time I had a few painful moments through the day. On the plus side I don't think they're quite as sore as after that first fell race and that was only two miles. I recon my body is adapting to the abuse I send its way - which bodes well.

I've added another new item to the blog - my race schedule (see right hand side). This is courtesy of an idea I read on a fellow blogger's site, John Kynaston's 'Training for West Highland Way Race 07'. Thanks for that one John it's a great idea and I have to say, from his reading his blog, that he seems like a chap with a similar yearning for pain as me. I knew there had to be another one out there somewhere :) Cheers John.

PS. Just an easy one at the gym tonight - giving the legs a rest - until tomorrow....

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