Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sneyd hills

Did a quick half hour gym session before heading off for the Sneyd Park hill reps. I decided to run four of the 950m reps instead of the six everyone else was running on account of the race last Sunday. Ran them really consistently - all of them in 3:45 with 2 minutes recovery. Didn't push eye balls out on any of them and eased back towards the finish of each rep. I haven't run them that consistently before. I have been slightly quicker, about 3:38 is the fastest I can remember but on that occasion I faded out to four minutes for later reps. So tonight was good. My legs have recovered pretty well from Sunday. I still feel a bit stiff but if I can run that quick on slightly tired legs how quick could I go when fresh?

Looking forward to the track tomorrow - where hopefully I can put in a full session - I recon the legs will have recovered fully.

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