Saturday, February 17, 2007

A little bit of fencing

No, I'm not talking epee or foil, I'm talking garden. I have six panels to replace after the recent wind and managed to get four replaced this morning. Boy am I tired though. May not have been the wisest decision I've ever made to do it this weekend but then again, as I'm racing every week I have to do it sometime. Think I may have injured myself in the process though. I bashed my knee while moving one of the panels - are they ever heavy. It's real hard work moving them on your lonesome. The knee is quite sore at the moment. Isn't that a bummer. I've been racing and training like a lunatic this year so far and managed to avoid injury. Then you do a bit of diy and take yourself out of action. Hopefully it will settle overnight so I will be OK for tomorrow. Now off to give the bike the once over....

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