Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Achy breaky legs

Too knackered to train tonight. The quads are still bad - but less so than yesterday so hopefully I will be up to training tomorrow at the track. I may have to take it easy though. We'll see.

I have been tinkering with the cap-cam ready for the Dursley Dozen on Sunday. Adjusting the angle of dangle, so to speak, so it points more horizontally when I'm not (ie when I'm looking at the ground - which seems to be most of the time!). I'm also looking at ways to put in a tilt mechanism so that I can flip it up vertically when I'm climbing up hill so it looks up the hill rather than straight at the ground but this is proving more problematic since it still needs to be as stable as possible. Also need to look at a quick way of attaching it to the bike during the transition so I don't waste too much time. Oh why is life so full of technical difficulties for the aspiring nutter.

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