Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not long now

How's that for a lovely pair - stop that, I'm talking the route and profile. Looks like a nice Sunday morning stroll don't you think! The count down to the Long Mynd race is well under way. It's just over 17 hours to kick off and I've been putting the finishing touches to the hang glider... I'm feeling a little nervous now but not because I feel the pressure of what time I will do, more the pressure of actually making it round without getting lost!

On to other matters, my race number for the mountain bike duathlon is through, number 46, so my thoughts will be turning to that in a weeks time.

Off now to fuel up for tomorrow - I'm thinking Pizza :)

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Anonymous said...

best of luck tomorrow - remember not to go off too fast and that the sting is in the tail of the race.

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