Monday, February 26, 2007

There my be trouble ahead....

Yep, I've completed nine races out of my target of twenty by the end of March. I have eleven more to go in just 33 days - that's one race every three days so I really have to pick the pace up somewhat. Hence the trouble ahead, there just aren't enough races I can find.

By the end of next weekend I should be up to thirteen but that still leaves seven in 27 days. I've pencilled in the Hogweed Hilly Half, the Weston Prom Run, the Ironwood Challenge, the Cleevewold 14, a leg of the Midland Road relays or the Pen Cerrig Calch fell race and the Chedworth Roman Trail 10 but that still leaves me one race short of my mad (or should that be sad) target. So any suggestions greatly welcomed for the elusive twentieth race. (Please don't point out that the Chedworth race is on 1st April because I have no choice but to cheat just a little bit - but what's a day among friends).

Training wise today, I managed to get out for a quick twenty minutes at lunch with Graham - technically you can't get a quick twenty minutes because time is an immutable constant (at least at non-relativistic speeds - but we're not going there again, thank you) and hence twenty minutes is ... well, twenty minutes, regardless of how fast or slow you run - but you get my drift - I hope. Then it was off down the gym after work for a 30 minute effort on the bike and likewise on the weights. This is my seventh day of full on running out of eight (and the eighth was that session on the road bike so still pretty full on). I feel stronger and less tired than ever. Bring it on.

Looking for a steady run at the Bridge Inn 5k tomorrow, in race number ten....

Thought for the day: Don't suffer from insanity - Enjoy every minute of it!

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