Sunday, February 25, 2007

Episode Four: Quantocksification

Episode four is now ready and on the web. The cap-cam still needs a bit more refining - maybe next week....

Anyway, here is the footage from the Quantocks Race.

And how about a small name that tune competition. There are four different tunes going on in this episode. Three are themes from TV. See if you can name them. Two are quite easy and one is a bit obscure - only the very saddest amongst you will be able to name it. If you think you know, why not fill in a comment with your guess. And the prize for getting all three TV themes? - knowing you're as sad as me!!!

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John Kynaston said...

Great capcam - you are getting better at each attempt! It certainly does give a good feel of the race. Sorry but I wasn't very good at guessing the tunes - even the easy ones! Ejoy your running this week.

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