Sunday, February 11, 2007

I love Dursley

What a great run. Didn't know what to expect from the race today after a bad week. My tummy was a little bit dodgy and I paid for that at about nine miles where I got a tremendous stitch. It was so bad I had to stop for 10s and do some breathing exercises. Thankfully that did the trick and I was able to carry on at full pace to the end.

I felt strange during the race. I felt both knackered and strong at the same time. At two miles (with ten to go) I was wishing for the end because I felt so tired. But I seemed to just keep grinding out the miles. I was bad going up hill today because the blister on my heel has not healed from last week - it is consequently extremely sore at the moment. But downhill was good and I made up quite a few places each time we got to a big drop - which was nice.

Finally, the moment of truth, da da, 89:23 which is close to four minutes off last years time and conditions were definitely worse than last year with there being more mud this time. Result - have to be happy with that. I could be close to the top thirty vs top sixty last year. So I'm still managing to eek out big improvements in my race times so hopefully I can knock a few more minutes off next year.

Re the filming it looks like another pants effort. This time I have some nice shots of the trees and sky - might be useful to the ornithologists I suppose! Anyway, I will try and edit up some of the best bits (if there are any).

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