Wednesday, February 14, 2007

School boy error....

Well, we had some school boy errors tonight at the track. I'm not going to mention any names because that would be nick picking. You could almost say it would be perNickety to name and shame but one from amongst us was caught committing a most heinous crime - jog recovering in the inside lane with oncoming runners. School boy error. And Sean was conspicuous in his absence - nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more.

On to the session. I was pleased with my run tonight. I was, as I seem to be becoming, ever consistent. Three 800's in 2:39, 39, 38 followed by three 450's in 1:21, 21, 20 and finished with three 300's in 54, 53, 52. I ran hard and the 300's were really tough work but worth it. The lads ran 9's, 5's and 3's and gave chase. I think it helped both me and them. They were able to focus and give chase while I tried to hold them off. Have to say Nick almost caught me every time. So well done Nick.

Now for a new feature on the blog. A feature I like to call, 'Follow The Mad Man' (or 'Run With Dave'). Yes, now you too can run the routes that other fear to tread. I shall be adding various routes as I run them. Tonight's route is from last Sunday's Dursley Dozen.

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I can't think who you mean Dave!!Nick (slightly embarrassed!!)

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