Saturday, December 30, 2006

What a terrible night

The wind (outside) was whistling round my windows all night. Had a terrible nights sleep. I felt so tired in the morning I just couldn't face a run in all that pants weather plus I can feel the knee thing again.

Managed to get down the gym instead for an hour on the exercise bike, interval level 13. I tested my fitness level before I got started with the hour session. You enter your weight, age and sex and then peddle away for five minutes. At the end of that time it gives you a rating of between 1 and - well I'm not actually sure what it goes up to but over the last few months I've been able to hit the ranking of 'Elite' for a score over 51. I'm guessing this is the top rank unless of course they have the 'dogs bo#@*cks' rank but I'm suspecting they haven't programmed that one in! I was stuck on 'excellent' for ages before I finally made the break through. Not sure it really means much but I guess it means I'm going in the right direction fitness wise. And it's nice to pose when the ladieeess are near, you know the kind of thing, just a casual bit of peddling with 'Elite' flashing on the screen, sweating like a pig and breathing like an asthmatic - ok, so maybe not such a good idea :)

Anyway, the bike session was good, if hard work come the last fifteen minutes. Really felt it in the quads. Finished off with some ab crunches, some bicep curls and some chest work. Then home for tea.

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