Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Fog ...

The night was chill. Fog lay like a blanket across the dark moonless moor. No sound could be heard except for the blood curdling scream cutting through the darkness like a surgeons scalpel .......... TRACK!

I really enjoyed tonight's track session. Of the lads only Sean was present but I am assured that the others had been out training earlier in the day. I shall of course be asking the official adjudicator for confirmation of this.

We ran ten 400's with a 100m, 60s jog recovery. I paced each one pretty consistently with a slight edge towards quicker laps at the end of the session with lap times of 82.0,79.0, 77.5, 77.3, 75.7, 76.8, 76.0, 75.3, 76.0, 73.2. Sean put in some good work chasing down Jerry and I (he gave us a wee head start). Really can't explain why I'm feeling such a buzz from training at the moment. I really look forward to the sessions. Just hope it continues because right now, I'm lovin' it.

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